Hippity Hip is a beautiful, bright, cozy family playspace adorned with well-crafted play materials and toys that ignite creative thinking, elicit imaginative play, and make it impossible for a child not to explore. Our playspace design is inspired by a variety of early childhood development philosophies that allow it to be a comfortable, open-ended and engaging environment that is perfect for free-play and socialization. Hippity Hip is a welcoming community space that supports parents and encourages parents to support one another.

We offer drop-in play hours, intimate private events and parent-child classes!

*We are shoe-free inside the playspace. Please bring socks or slippers for all guests!*


Drop-in Play Times:

Wednesday / 9:30am-3pm

Thursday / 9:30am-3pm

Friday/ 9:30am-3pm

Saturday/ 9am-1:30pm

Sunday- Tuesday / Open for Private Events and Classes Only

cropped-img_2260.png Please note: We reserve the right to close the play space 45 minutes early if no families are visiting for open play.