Founder / Jenna has spent the last decade devoting her energy to the development of young children. During her years as an undergraduate Psychology student at Newbury College in Boston, MA she spent her free time nannying for several families where she first began observing and understanding the specific needs of small children. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she came to Rochester, NY and began working on her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. It was then that Jenna fell in love with the education models of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Adolf Steiner (Waldorf) that inspired the model and design for Hippity Hip!

After receiving her Master’s degree in Education from Nazareth College, Jenna made the choice to use her child development skills in her home while she raised her awesome little people; Mabel, age four and Maslo, age two. It was then that she really discovered a passion for purposeful toys, well-planned play environments and the need for a supportive parenting community.

Jenna is supported by her lovely husband Thomas, who spends his days serving as a local college administrator. Their combined education and experience with children and young adults helped them to design a creative environment that is not only fun for little ones but also enhances the amazing minds of our future leaders.

When Jenna isn’t designing in-home playspaces for her own kids, you can find her playing in her gardens, exploring other Rochester small businesses, supporting her local community, experimenting in the kitchen, and crafting new D.I.Y. projects.