Where can I park when visiting Hippity Hip?

We do not have a parking lot. There is ample street parking on Gregory Street as well as on Ashland Street. 

I plan on walking over. Where should I park my stroller?

Unfortunately, due to space limits we do not allow strollers to enter the playspace. You are welcome to park strollers and bikes in the front of the building at your own discretion.

Can we leave and re-enter on the same day?

Yes! If you need to leave for any reason, you are always welcome to come back to play on the same day. If you would like to come back later in the day, make sure you ask for a re-entry sticker on your way out! 

Do you sell or serve food? 

We do not sell or serve food. 

Is it okay to bring in snacks for my child?

Yes, however we are strictly a peanut-free playspace. To keep our play area as clean as possible, we ask that all food and drinks are consumed at the large table. Also, please be advised that we do not allow the delivery of food or the cutting/sharing of cake during drop-in play hours. 

Do adults need to wear socks?

Yes, we ask that all guests remove their shoes upon entry and we require that socks are always worn in the playspace. We highly recommend non-slip socks! This helps us keep the environment as clean and safe as possible. 

How is Hippity Hip eco-friendly?

We believe that it’s the little things that make the greatest difference! We’re conscious of our impact on the Earth when making decisions relating to our space! Our goal is to minimize our footprint through the use of sustainable, nature-friendly toys, compostable partyware, and by upcycling and repurposing furnishings when possible. We use only natural cleaning methods in our playspace (no toxic cleaners!). 

Do I need to sign a play waiver every time I visit Hippity Hip? 

We require that a parent/legal guardian sign a play waiver for each child upon entry at your first visit. The play waiver will be kept on file and does not need to be resigned at each visit. If you’d like to save time when you arrive, you can sign electronically [here].

What child development philosophies are your playspace based on?

Hippity Hip is grounded in a merging of the philosophies of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf Education. Together, the three models create a beautiful, well-planned environment that promotes creative play through the use of open-ended toys. Each play area at Hippity Hip is carefully designed to elicit learning through play and to help strengthen the child’s entire skill set, including social, emotional, large and fine motor, communication, and creative thinking skills. 

I have a crawler, is it safe for my baby to explore the playspace?

Of course! The playspace is purposefully designed to meet the developmental (and safety) needs of children ages 0-7 years. 

Is my 8 year old welcome at Hippity Hip? 

Yes! We love mixed-aged play! The young children are always observing and learning from the olders! We just ask that any “big kids” who would like to interact do so carefully, help facilitate calm play, and stay mindful of the littles. 

What happens if I lose my punchcard or membership card?

Unfortunately, Hippity Hip cannot reissue or reimburse for lost punchcards or membership cards. Please keep your Hippity Hip playcards in a safe place! 

Do you allow birthday parties during drop-in hours?

We do not allow birthday parties during drop-in hours. Please visit our “Space Rental” page for more information on how to reserve the playspace for a private event!